Explore Moreton Island

The list of activities and sight-seeing on Moreton Island is endless, so book your accommodation at Tangalooma, Cowan Cowan or Bulwer and come on over.

You'll love experiencing the pleasure and beauty of this protected sand island known for its beaches, steep dunes, four-wheel driving opportunities, diving and snorkelling sites.

tangalooma island

Tangalooma Island Resort

Tangalooma Island Resort has restaurants and cafes, and a bar area for Tangalooma Resort guests. The resort is now closed to non-r...

moreton island cowan cowan

Cowan Cowan

You'll need a four wheel drive to head north to Cowan Cowan and it's certainly a trip we recommend you do during your Moreton Isla...



The small township of Bulwer on Moreton Island is just 20 minutes drive north from the MICAT landing point. A 4WD is a necessity a...

tangalooma island


If you love snorkellingĀ or are a first timer, head down to the Tangalooma Wrecks and have a snorkel around. You'll be amazed at t...

sand dune moretone island

Sand Dunes

If you feel the need for sand and speed, then head inland for some sand boarding and sand tobogganingĀ fun. There are a number of...

cape moreton lighthouse

Cape Moreton Lighthouse

The Cape Moreton Lighthouse is a must see on the northern tip of the island and accessible via 4WD through the township of Bulwer....