Cowan Cowan

You'll need a four wheel drive to head north to Cowan Cowan and it's certainly a trip we recommend you do during your Moreton Island holiday.

This quiet residential township has no through traffic in town and families with small children love the vehicle free beach front.

Cowan Cowan has old war gunning placements which are full of history and located right on the beach in front of the town. Fort Cown and Cowan Cowan Battery were added to the Queensland Heritage Register in 2007 and are part of Brisbane's war heritage.

The best way to see the gunning placements is to park your four wheel drive at the beach enclosure at Cowan Cowan and walk down the beach to see the old concrete bunkers and gun turrets.

On your way back to your holiday rental, take some time to head into The Desert for a sand dune adventure.

We have a fantastic selection of accommodation at Cowan Cowan, see all our listings here.

Picture: By Heritage branch staff - State of Queensland: Queensland Heritage Register: Fort Cowan Cowan