See below what villas are available in Tangalooma Island Resort as well as stunning holiday houses high above.

* Please note the listings are in order of the number of people they can accommodate *

Moreton Island Accommodation Villa 14 Tangalooma 900px 8

Beachfront Villa 14

Sleeps 6 people. This villa is in a great location straight across from the Tangalooma beach area. Just a handy 3 minute walk to t...

Moreton Island Accommodation Villa 29 Tangalooma 900px 4

Beachfront Villa 29

Sleeps 6-8 people. Villa 29 is located on the beachfront at Tangalooma Island Resort and is ideal for a getaway to beautiful Moret...

Banyandah House Moreton Island Sept 2019 05
Moreton Island Accommodation Villa 30 Tangalooma 900px 11

Beachfront Villa 30

Sleeps 8 people. This 2.5 bedroom Villa is family owned and right across from stunning Tangalooma Beach. You'll love it! This vill...

Moreton Island Accommodation Villa 39 Tangalooma 900px 1

Beachfront Villa 39

Sleeps 8 people. This villa is in a great location and very handy to the northern car parking area at Tangalooma, right across the...

Moreton Island Accommodation Villa 42 Tangalooma 900px 13

Beachfront Villa 42

Sleeps 8 people. This Villa is just metres from beautiful Moreton Bay and the glittering sand of Moreton Island making it ideal fo...

Deep Blue Apartment 1 09

Deep Blue 1

Sleeps 8 people. Enjoying a convenient location at Tangalooma Island Resort, this luxury apartment is ideal for your next Moret...

Moreton Island Accommodation Deep Blue Apartment 8 900px 3

Deep Blue 8

Sleeps 8 people. This luxury apartment is located in Tangalooma Island Resort and is suitable for a large family looking for a mem...

Moreton Island Accommodation Tangalooma Panoramic View 900px 1
Moreton Island Accommodation Villa 24 Tangalooma May 19 900px 10

Beachfront Villa 24

Sleeps 8-9 people. Villa 24 has two levels and is located on the beachfront at Tangalooma Island Resort. Located with a short dist...

Moreton Island Accommodation Tangalooma Moreton Getaway 900px 1
Moreton Island Accommodation Blue Crab Beach House 900px 3

Blue Crab Beach House

Sleeps 10 people. The Blue Crab Beach House is a well presented home with a relaxing feel in a great location with water and beach...

Moreton Island Accommodation Deep Blue Apartment 20 2

Deep Blue 20

Sleeps 10 people. This apartment has four bedrooms with 3 bathrooms and air conditioning, and is very handy to the jetty and local...

Moreton Island Accommodation Moreton View At Tangalooma 900px 38

Moreton View

Sleeps 10 people. This Moreton Island beach house is beautiful with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. 'Moreton View' is located on...

Moreton Island Accommodation Ohana Tangalooma Beach House 900px 20

Ohana Beach House

Sleeps 10 people. Ohana is a well presented holiday rental home located at Tangalooma, the perfect location for a Moreton Island...

Moreton Island Accommodation Sahara Blue 900px 1

Sahara Blue

Sleeps 12 people. This is a very well presented 3 storey, 4 bedroom family holiday home at 6 Trochus Place, Tangalooma. The house...

Moreton Island Accommodation Tangalooma Hilltop Haven 900px 26

Hilltop Haven

Sleeps 12 people. Hilltop Haven, at 10 Trochus Place Tangalooma, is a beautiful beach house with three levels of comfort offering...

Moreton Island Accommodation Moreton Bay Vista 900px 00

Moreton Bay Vista

Sleeps 12 people. Moreton Bay Vista is a desirable 6 bedroom, 4 bathroom large holiday home located on the hilltop above Tangaloom...

Moreton Island Accommodation Tangalooma Sea Change 900px 2

Sea Change

Sleeps 12 people. Sea Change at Tangalooma has five bedrooms, two very special features you'll appreciate, and overlooks the resor...

Moreton Island Accommodation Dolce Villa 900px 18

Dolce Villa

Sleeps 16 people. This six bedroom family friendly home at 3 Cassidae Crescent is located up behind Tangalooma Island Resort and p...

Moreton Island Accommodation Coign House 10 Tangalooma 900px 9


Sleeps 23 people. 'Sandcastles on Moreton' is a large beach home located close to the beachfront at Tangalooma Island Resort, with...